HANNA QUEVEDO                   

Dec. 28th. 1980  


Regina Street, Historical Center, Mexico City

Hanna currently lives and works as a freelance photographer, art director and writer in Mexico City since 2016. Prior, 2008 to 2016, she was in San Francisco, CA.


Degree-Technician Superior in Artistic Photography, San Telmo Arts School, Malaga, Spain (2000-2002)

Degree– Advertising and Public Relations – University of Communication Sciences, Malaga, Spain (2002-2006)

Technician in Advertising Photography - Aperture Photography School, Malaga, Spain 

Artist in residence (Photojournalism) in UNIVA (University), Guadalajara, Mexico (2006-2007)

Visual art in real time, International Institute of Andalucia, Malaga Spain (2011)

Indigenous Media and Social Change, San Francisco State University, California (2013-2015)

Visual Anthropology Graduate Program, UNAM, Mexico City (2016-2017)



Musik Platz (Jägermeister)- Photographer

VICE Magazine (Thump/ Noisey/ The Creators Project/ Munchies/Print), Mexico City -Photographer and writer (March 2016- Current) 

El Terrat- Photographer. Barcelona, Spain (2010- current)

Street Photography Workshop -Teacher. Apertura Photography School, Malaga, Spain (2014- current)

Remo Advertising Agency -Art Director and Photographer, Mexico City. January 2017- July 2018

NRMAL FESTIVAL -Photographer, Mexico City (2018)

El Pais -Photographer, Mexico City (2017)

TRANSITIO VII -Photographer, Mexico City (2016) 

Women in Informal Employment: Globalizing and Organizing (WIEGO)- Documental Photographer, Delhi, India

El Tecolote Newspaper -Photo Editor and Photographer, San Francisco, CA.

Remezcla Magazine -Photographer and writer, New York City

Youth Media Camp -Professor and Photographer, Kassel, Germany

Research Center in Studies of the Woman (CIEM) -Photography teacher of indigenous women, Costa Rica

Youth Leadership Institute (youth development program) -Photovoice Photography teacher, San Rafael, CA.

Matador Network Travel Magazine, Photographer. Spain and Mexico

Generation C Magazine, Photographer. London, England

Dropbox designers meeting- Photographer, San Francisco, CA.

Broke Art Stuart Magazine-Photographer, San Francisco, CA.

Center for New Music -Photographer, San Francisco, CA. 

Kabad Se Jurad (Recycled Art)- Documental Photographer, Delhi, India

Branner Spangenberg Gallery- Photographer/Invited Artist, Palo Alto, California (2012-2016)

Generation C -Photographer, London, England

La Bohemia Productions -Photographer, San Francisco, CA. (2010-2016)

Cornerstone -Photographer, presentation TV Show GIRLS (New York, Los Angeles, London), San Francisco, CA.

San Francisco Jazz Center- Photographer, San Francisco, CA.

California Academy of Sciences- Photographer, San Francisco, CA.

Mission Cultural Center -Photographer, San Francisco, CA.

Latino Chicana Foundation -Event Photographer, San Francisco, CA.

San Francisco Son Jarocho Festival -Photographer, San Francisco, CA.

Mission Local -Photographer, San Francisco, CA.

The Bold Italic Magazine -Photographer/Writer, San Francisco, CA. (2011-2014)

SF Weekly -Photographer and blogger, San Francisco, CA

7×7 Magazine -Photographer, San Francisco, CA.

Outside Lands Music Festival -Photographer, San Francisco, CA.

All of it Now Visuals, Documental Photographer at SXSW, Austin, TX

El Mundo Newspaper -Photographer, Spain

Infiltradas Advertising Agency -Photographer, Malaga, Spain

Black Book Magazine -Writer and Photographer, New York

League of California Cities -Photographer, San Francisco, CA.

Kukuxumusu- Photographer, Pamplona, Spain

Imagina Funk Festival -Invited Photographer, Jaen, Spain 

OVERTEX -Advertising Photographer, Malaga, Spain

1015 Folsom -In house Photographer, San Francisco, CA.

FM Magazine -Photographer, Denver, Colorado

KLG Agency -Art Director, Guadalajara, Mexico (2007-2008)

TV Izcanal -Teacher and Photographer, Nueva Granada, El Salvador

University of Sciences of Communication of San Miguel (Semiotics Like Cultural Vehicle) -Photography Teacher, San Miguel, El Salvador

Radio Izcanal -Media Teacher, Nueva Granada, El Salvador

L’Oreal -Photographer, Spain

La Opinion de Malaga -Photographer, Malaga, Spain




NOSOTRXS, TRANSITIO VII, Photographer and Invited artist, Mexico City 

75th Anniversary of MOMA-Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA.

De-Young Museum, San Francisco, CA.

Mission Arts Performance Project -Photographer, San Francisco, CA.

Central Camp Burning Man Organization -Invited Artist, Black Rock Desert, Nevada

Druids Haighs, Audiovisual Collaboration Project with Marie Danielle and Simone Strifele, Photographer, London/San Francisco, CA.

Inside Out Project -Photographer, San Francisco, CA.

Art Internationale Galery, San Francisco, CA.

San Francisco Free Space, San Francisco, CA.

San Francisco International Film Festival, Photographer, San Francisco, CA.

The Bicycle Coalition Winter, San Francisco, CA.

Transformaria Productions, visual artist, Guadalajara, Mexico

FIL – International Book Fair, Guadalajara, Mexico

International Spanish Film Festival, Malaga, Spain

International Festival of Fantastic Films, Malaga, Spain

R.E.A. Contemporary Dance Group, Photographer, Malaga, Spain

Malaga TV, Photographer, Malaga, Spain



SAHARA, University of Sciences, Malaga, Spain 2003

MALAGA WATCHED FROM, Alameda Gallery, Malaga, Spain 2005 (with Ramon Masats, Sergio Belinchon, Ferdinando Scianna, Jorge Rueda and Miguel Trillo) 2004

TEU-LLOC Gallery, Guadalajara, Mexico 2006, 2007

The Night of Photography in Photoespaña (International Photography Festival), Madrid, Spain 2008

DESCUBRIMIENTOS PHOTOESPAÑA (New discoveries- International Photography Festival), Madrid, Spain 2009/ 2015

What happened to Abd el-Crin, Collective show, Sciences of Comunication University, Malaga, Spain 2009

Portraits On The Way, Solo exhibit, Imagen Gallery, Fuengirola, Spain 2009

People, places, things, Icthus Gallery”, San Francisco, CA. 2010

Paint and Photography together, by Hanna & Alvaro Quevedo, Hospital of Santiago Gallery, Ubeda, Spain 2010

BRIDGE, Red Poppy Art House Gallery, San Francisco, CA. 2011

El Tecolote Newspaper Benefit Art Auction, Minna Gallery, San Francisco, CA. 2011

Wayfarer, Roll Up Gallery, San Francisco, CA.

PHOTO-NOLA Photography Festival, Veritas Gallery, New Orleans, LA. 2011

Jazzescape, La Libre Gallery, Malaga, Spain 2012

Una ciudad. Tu mirada (One city. Your View), Photoespaña (International Photography Festival), Madrid, Spain 2012

Art Internationale Gallery, San Francisco, CA. 2013

Free Space Gallery, San Francisco, CA. 2013

Come Back to Future, Sciences of Communication University, Malaga, Spain 2013

Underwater, Roll Up Gallery, San Francisco, CA. 2013

Pictoclik Film Festival Art Exhibition, San Francisco, CA. 2013

Twifby, Impress Labs, San Francisco, CA. 2013.

Double+Analog, Solo show, Merchants of Reality Gallery, San Francisco, CA. 2014

30 expressions in 35mm, Solo show, ROLL UP GALLERY, San Francisco, CA. 2014

 One summer, two analog views. Solo show, Artists’ Television Access Gallery, San Francisco, CA. 2014

El Tecolote Newspaper, San Francisco, CA. 2015

Mexican Design Meeting, Guadalajara, Mexico, 2016

RESISTORS: 50 Years of Bay Area Social Movement Photography, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, CA. 2017

Another Reality. Walks 2010-2018, Solo show, San Lorenzo Gallery, Ubeda, Spain, 2018



Winner San Francisco Photo Hunt, SAN FRANCISCO CONTEMPORARY JEWISH MUSEUM, San Francisco, CA 2013

2nd Prize – First Photographic Safari, University of Malaga, Spain 2005 3rd Prize – Contest Ubeda City, Spain 2006

Honorable Mention – short movie “In the Morning Of Today,” UNIVA, Guadalaraja, Mexico 2007

Finalist 2nd Biennial Photo Journalism, Mexico City 2007

New Talent of Photography, Descubrimientos Photoespaña, Madrid, Spain 2009/ 2012/ 2015

Selected Artist Photo-Nola -International Photography Festival-, New Orleans, LA 2011



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